Common Causes of Foul-Smelling Drains

Have you ever smelled a foul odor coming from your sink drain? If the smell is particularly strong, it may have distracted you from whatever you were doing. Here are some of the top reasons for smelly drains, as well as suggestions on how to fix them.

Clogged Drain Vent

Sewer gas passes through the pipes and escapes through the vents in your drainage system, preventing pressure buildup inside the pipes. When these vents become obstructed, a pressure is created that forces sewer gas through your p-trap and into your house. In situations like these hiring a professional plumber is often your best bet.

Food Waste

Many homeowners flush all forms of food waste down the drain. Drainage pipe odors can be caused by the buildup of food particles on the inside of the drainage piping. A skilled plumber can quickly resolve the problem however, to prevent the problems from reoccurring you must modify your kitchen practices.

Dry P-trap

A P-trap is a curved pipe segment that captures water and keeps sewer gas from coming up into your home through your plumbing fixtures. If your fixture goes unused for an extended period, the water in the P-trap will evaporate and allow sewer gasses up into your home. If you open the faucet and let the water flow for a minute, the trap will fill up and stop the gas from leaking out of the pipe.

Damaged Sewer Line

A faulty sewer line may allow sewage to back up into your home resulting in an unpleasant odor. Get urgent assistance from a professional plumber to resolve the issue. When inspecting the sewer system, they’ll utilize specialized camera equipment to find any damage and provide repair choices. Check out our website for assistance with any plumbing issues.

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