If you look around your house, there are a variety of different drains that need to be kept clean so that they work properly. At Miller Plumbing & Drainage we have the training and tools to handle any kind of drain-cleaning challenge.


One of the hardest working drains in your home is kitchen drains, which can clog, jam with foreign objects, or become slow due to a build-up of soap, grease, cleaning products, food products, and hair. Miller Plumbing and Drainage will locate the problem and fix the blockage.


Problems with clogging and slow drainage in your bathroom are often due to a build-up of hair, soap, and beauty products, along with everyday dirt and grime. We are experts at getting to the build-up and removing it without any scratches to your fixtures. Our professionals treat your sinks, tubs, and showers with care.


Many of the popular items on the market today, advertised as being safe to flush, are the cause of many clogged toilets. Baby wipes, antibacterial wipes, tissues, and other products do not break down in the way that toilet paper does, and this can cause a blockage. If you have young children in your home, small toys or even a toothbrush can become wedged across the toilet drain. Our professionals have the tools and expertise to free up your clogged toilet and get things back to normal quickly.


Floor drains collect water from a variety of sources such as laundry rooms, basement water heaters, and garage utilities. Drains also collect water from decks and patios, and even driveways. These drains collect water and carry it away to prevent flooding of your home and property, as well as provide a trap to prevent odors and sewer gasses from entering your home. These drains must be maintained and kept free from build-up of dirt and debris.

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No. You can use some basic tools—a simple hand-cranked drain snake, plunger, etc., to clear out the simple clogs. However, if neither of these works or the issue returns frequently, you’ll need professional drain cleaning services from expert plumbers to tackle the problem once and for all.

This is neither a practical nor a cost-effective solution. High power motorized hydro-jetters and drain cleaners are highly expensive equipment that won’t receive enough use to make them worth their cost. Also, these require special training to be used correctly.

So if you are experiencing clogged drain issues leave it to our professional drain cleaning plumbers in Vancouver.

The most common sign is a backup, either from a floor drain or fixture. Other common signs include:

  • Toilets gurgling
  • Toilets not flushing properly
  • Foul odours from drains
  • Slow water drainage in multiple areas—sink, bathroom tube, etc.
  • Waterlogged lawn

Most people get their drains cleaned when the problem arises. We recommend cleaning your drain once a year even if your drain is working fine.

Instead of waiting for clogs to build up and block your drainpipe, take a proactive approach. Hire our experienced plumbers to take care of the drain cleaning regularly.