Do you live in the great city of Burnaby? Do you have water heater issues? Well, look no further for your Electric Water Heater Repair and Installation Burnaby needs! You can find an electric water heater specialist here to help you with all your questions – from those simple, to those that make you scratch your head.

Electric water heater installation Burnaby is a task that requires the services of a professional plumber. A professional plumber will have the correct knowledge and tools to ensure that your electric water heater is installed correctly. Every time you hire Miller Plumbing & Drainage Ltd, you can rest assured that the job will be done correctly and in a timely manner.

When hiring a professional plumber, you want someone who has experience in installing electric water heaters. Many people think they can install an electric water heater themselves, but they often do not know how to do it correctly. This can lead to issues later on down the road when your tank starts leaking or stops working altogether.

When you hire a professional plumber for this task, they will come out and assess your situation before making any recommendations about what type of tank would work best for your home’s needs.

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Red Flags Your Water Heater Needs  a Repair or Replacement

The most common cause of an electric water heater breaking down is age. All appliances eventually wear out and need to be replaced, which can be expensive. However, if your water heater is older than ten years, it may be time to start looking into replacements. You should also consider replacing your water heater if it’s not heating the water effectively or if it’s leaking.

In addition to age, there are other factors that can indicate that your electric water heater may need replacement. These include:

Your Electric Bill May Be Higher Than Average

This could mean that there is something wrong with the heating element or heating coils inside the tank. You may also notice that your hot water heater does not get as hot as it once did when it was new. This could mean that there are some broken tubes in the heating element or coils, and they need to be replaced immediately.


If you notice a leak under or around your water heater, that’s a sign that it needs to be replaced.

No Hot Water

If you’ve noticed that the water coming out of your faucets is cold, then it’s time to call a plumber and get a new water heater installed in your home.

It Makes Noise When it Turns On or Off

A loud sizzling or hissing noise may come from the water heater if it’s faulty. This is typically caused by the sediment build-up of the base of the tank. This can be avoided by flushing and draining the water heater at least once a year.

Invest in a High-Quality Electric Water Heater

Electric water heaters are energy-efficient, reliable, and, most importantly, efficient. They also heat water more efficiently than its counterparts, gas water heaters as well as they are a lower purchase price than gas water heaters typically.

Energy Efficiency

Electric water heaters are much more energy-efficient than gas or oil-powered models. On average, they use only one-fourth of the energy of gas-powered versions and up to one-third less than oil-fired models. This means that you’ll spend less on your electric bill over time and save more money.

Low Maintenance Costs

The low maintenance costs associated with an electric water heater make it an attractive option for homeowners who don’t want to be worried about their hot water system breaking down often or at all. In fact, many are built so well that they can last for many years without requiring repairs or replacement parts! It also helps that there’s no need for fuel supply lines into your home like there would be with a gas-powered model or oil tank outside your home like there would be with an oil-fired version!

Dependable & Convenient

Living in Burnaby, you may have to worry about your water heater giving up in the middle of a harsh winter. This is not only inconvenient but can be dangerous as well. An electric water heater is much more reliable than a gas-powered one.


Electricity rates tend to be lower than those of gas or propane, so if you are looking for a cost-effective way of heating your water, then this would be a good option for you. You will also be able to save on your monthly energy bills since there will be no fuel costs or maintenance fees involved with this type of unit.

Safe & Easy to Use

You don’t have to worry about a thing when turning on the wrong valve or forgetting to turn off the pilot light when using an electric heater. Electric models don’t use flammable fuels like natural gas or propane and don’t require venting or chimney servicing as conventional gas models do.

When to Replace Electric Water Heater In Your Burnaby Home?

The life of an electric water heater is about 8 to 10 years. If your electric water heater does not work or makes a clicking sound before that, you need to replace it immediately. If the heater has been in use for more than ten years, it is probably time to get a new one.

Why Is It the Best Choice to Hire a Professional for Electric Water Heater Installation & Repair in Burnaby? 

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Electric water heater installation Burnaby is best left to the pros at Miller Plumbing and Drainage. There are many reasons why you should hire a professional for your heating system repairs, but here are some of the top most important ones:

– You don’t want to risk your safety by installing or repairing your own water heater. These systems are complex and should only be handled by qualified professionals.

– If you attempt to do it yourself, then you may void any warranty that comes with your new unit, which means that if something goes wrong down the road, you won’t have any coverage from the manufacturer.

– Your home’s heating system is one of its most essential components, so why take chances? Hire a pro today!

Why We Are The Best Choice?

Miller Plumbing & Drainage has been working with Burnaby customers for years. We have built a name for excellence, quality, and reliability in the industry. We take great pride in maintaining a high standard of professional service. We strive to make our services create a positive experience, providing quality advice, fast and efficient workmanship, and affordable, competitive pricing.

If you’re searching for electric water heater installation & repair services in Burnaby, look no further than Miller Plumbing! It’s time to take out and replace that outdated water heater in your home and upgrade to something more efficient. We offer a wide variety of electric models that are sure to meet your needs. Contact our knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect model for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of Electric Water Heater Repair and Installation Burnaby varies depending on the size, age, condition, and type of plumbing system you have. If you are removing or replacing an old electric water heater with a new one, then the cost will vary from if you are looking to repair your current model. Miller Plumbing and Drainage gives upfront pricing before every job we take on as we strive to offer fair prices and high-quality service.

Replacing an electric water heater can take anywhere from 2-3 hours depending on the number of people working on it, whether or not there are parts needed to be ordered in advance, etc. The average time for replacement for us at Miller Plumbing is about 3 hours or so.

Electric heaters are more energy-efficient than gas heaters. They also require less maintenance and have fewer moving parts, which can make them last longer than a gas model.

The size of your tank depends on your family’s water usage. If you have a large or big family and you live in a place that uses a lot of hot water, then you should probably think about getting a tank that’s bigger than what you now have. However, if you live alone or have small children, then it may not be necessary to get a large tank for now.

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