Toilets, Sinks, and Faucets Plumbing Repair Services in Burnaby

Miller Plumbing & Drainage knows that toilet repairs can’t wait. Our Burnaby plumbers guarantee your mind will be at ease with our speedy and efficient repairs. We also know how to spot the tell-tale signs of bigger problems. For example: Your toilet:

  • Always Runs
  • Clogs Regularly
  • High Rising Water or Overflow
  • Lacks Flushing Power
  • Often requires Plunging

If you are experiencing any of these toilet issues or have concerns, Miller Plumbing & Drainage will easily diagnose any problem and repair it. A corroded flush valve or worn-out fill valve is quickly replaced by your local expert plumbers at Miller Plumbing. In addition, our services will quickly pay for themselves in savings on your future water bills.

Maybe you’re remodeling or are building a new construction project. Miller Plumbing & Drainage can help with a new toilet, sink, or faucet installation and any plumbing repair.

A toilet that runs regularly and efficiently is a must in every home. We are happy to install many popular models. When you experience our old-fashioned quality custom service, you will remember Miller Plumbing & Drainage the next time you need a toilet, sink, or faucet repaired.

Toilets, Sinks & Tubs Plumbing Repair Services Vancouver | Miller Plumbing & Drainage Ltd.

A faulty flapper is one of the prime reasons for your toilet to make strange noises such as rumbling, hissing, and thumping while flushing.

If you are experiencing this kind of plumbing issue be sure to call on the team at Miller Plumbing & Drainage. Our Vancouver-based plumbers will come to your place, diagnose the issue, and repair your toilet.

Some of the common reasons for clogged toilets are:

  • Hard Water: It contains high mineral contents that can calcify and form a strong white substance that is difficult to remove. This mineral build-up restricts the flow of waste through your system.
  • Foreign Objects: Flushing foreign objects—feminine hygiene products, cotton balls, baby wipes, etc., that do not dissolve in water can create blockages.
  • Worn Pipes: Due to corrosion, temperature change, common wear & tear, etc., your pipes may break and slow down your toilet.

Yes, we can. Our team of highly skilled plumbers can repair cracked toilet tanks in Vancouver. We come to your place to diagnose the situation.

To repair the crack, we turn off the water supply and remove the remaining water. Allow the tank to dry and then we apply high-quality waterproof epoxy and wait for it to dry. Once the epoxy dried, you can use your toilet.

No, we don’t. We only charge for our services. We offer a free, no-obligation estimate for all kinds of toilet repairs in Vancouver.

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At Miller Plumbing & Drainage Ltd., we offer a professional service for all your plumbing needs. Our experts have the experience and guarantee that every part of your plumbing system is in functioning order. We have been serving customers throughout the Lower Mainland in Vancouver and Burnaby for over 10 years.

If you are experiencing any problems with your toilet, sinks, or faucets, contact us today.