Knowing When to Call a Pro for Garbage Disposal Installation

A Garburator/Garbage disposal is seen as a necessity. It can help avoid blockages, cut garbage bag usage, and simplify kitchen life. A well-maintained garbage disposal may last for decades in your house. Unfortunately, not all garbage disposal installations can be done with standard equipment and a little know-how. That’s why it’s essential to consider hiring a professional to do it. Here are a few reasons why:

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To Function Properly

No matter how skilled you are, there’s no reason to try to install your garbage disposal. You risk damaging your garburator/garbage disposal or your kitchen drain by doing so. You may potentially void the equipment’s warranty possibly as well. When we install your garbage disposal, we will make certain that it is precisely suited to your plumbing system and demands.

To Guarantee the Installation

When a professional plumber is hired for garburator/garbage disposal installations, they will almost certainly provide a guarantee for their services. Even if the unit is not purchased from the expert, they will provide a guarantee to the homeowner if something goes wrong with the work they performed.

To Ensure Safety

When you install a garbage disposal yourself, so many things may go wrong. It is a good idea to seek the advice of a professional to safeguard the safety of your plumbing. Plumbers have the necessary training and expertise, allowing them to complete tasks appropriately. In addition, they have safety equipment that prevents mishaps from occurring.


In your busy life, you would like to hire an expert rather than do it yourself for the sake of convenience and time. Miller Plumbing & Drainage will complete the task fast and efficiently, saving both time and money. It is not only more convenient, but it also produces far superior results. Hiring a dependable and skilled plumber guarantees that your garbage disposal is not only properly installed but also functions effectively.

Experience Frequent Clogging

If you already have a garbage disposal, but it frequently becomes clogged, it’s time to call a professional. The blockage typically indicates a problem with the drain pipes or a weak disposal motor. It might suggest that too much food is being disposed of. If the issue persists, a new garbage disposal may be required.

Lingering Odours

Some meals and garbage have unpleasant scents, but they are usually not an issue for garbage disposal, especially with regular washing and disinfection. However, if the foul odor persists, it may indicate a problem. If cleaning the drain does not remove the smell, it may be time to replace the disposal. A knowledgeable plumber can advise you if a garbage disposal installation is required.

Seeking Assistance with Garburator/Garbage Disposal Installation?

Is your garburator/garbage disposal damaged? Or do you wish to upgrade to a better model, or want to have it installed for the first time in Burnaby, Vancouver, or New Westminster, Miller Plumbing & Drainage Ltd. has a team of skilled plumbers ready to help you now. We are your “go-to” plumber for garburator/garbage disposal installation, and we look forward to arranging your next plumbing work with you soon.