Preventing Toilet Overflow: Useful Tips for Homeowners

It’s upsetting and gross when the toilet overflows. Who likes to admit that they are the reason their bathroom is flooding? No one! When it happens, there’s nowhere to hide. Most of the time, if water is coming out of your toilet, a clog must be fixed immediately. Additionally, the waste materials in toilet water are hazardous and unclean.

If you leave it standing for a long time, it can easily damage your home. Follow these tips to avoid getting stuck with a toilet overflowing.

Take Caution When Flushing

Tip 1: Take Caution When Flushing

Even though your toilet is powerful equipment, it does have its limitations. The primary purpose of a standard modern toilet bowl is the disposal of waste paper and human waste. Clogging occurs whenever too much toilet paper is used or something is flushed down the toilet that shouldn’t have been.

Flushing anything aside from human waste and toilet paper will prevent a toilet from overflowing. Never flush anything like paper towels, wet wipes, cat litter, food, or sanitary napkins down the toilet. Toys for kids are another common cause of toilet overflow.

To avoid this, be sure to close the lid whenever the toilet is not in use. Avoid delays in dealing with a blockage by acting promptly. You can try to break it up with a plunger, but if you cannot remove it yourself, a plumber should be called. If there’s a blockage, you shouldn’t be afraid to clear it and If you ignore it, it will eventually lead to a clogged-up toilet.

Tip 2: Remember That The Quality Of Toilet Paper Varies

Some super-soft toilet paper is a welcome addition to any bathroom. Unfortunately, this toilet paper isn’t a good choice. Eventually, the thick substance will be too much for municipal plumbing systems like those found in office or apartment buildings. Plus, the septic systems of single-family dwellings are problematic.

The ultra-soft toilet paper may be a nice touch in the bathroom, but it’s like giving your toilet a steady diet of oatmeal. The thick paper will eventually be too much for it to process and become clogged. Avoid this by opting for a less-priced piece. Double-ply that isn’t too cushioned is a great, hassle-free choice for you and your pipes.

Tip 3: Don’t Pour Harsh Chemicals Down The Toilet

Toxic chemicals included in toilet drain cleaners may damage the entire plumbing system. Using a plunger to physically clear a clogged toilet is unpleasant but very safe.

Over-the-counter drain cleaners use extremely corrosive chemicals to dissolve blockages caused by things like hair, trash, or food scraps. Your pipes are at risk because these chemicals don’t discriminate against what they break down.

They will keep attacking your pipes until they collapse, causing a possibility of future pipe failure or leakage. The toilet will likely overflow if there’s an issue with the plumbing. Put a stop to this immediately!

Prevent Toilet Overflow: Contact Your New Westminster Plumber Now!

It’s always a good idea to act quickly and to give Miller Plumbing & Drainage Ltd. a call if you have any issues with your toilet and would like to prevent an emergency from happening. With the skill sets and tools that our professional plumbers in New Westminster carry in our trucks, we will be able to handle any situation that you may encounter, so make sure to call us if there’s a problem.