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Plumbing professionals like Miller Plumbing & Drainage complete every plumbing job quickly and easily. If you’re tired of plumbing companies that don’t deliver quality work, don’t show up on time, and charge way too much, it’s time to turn to the most dependable plumbers in New Westminster, BC!

Our Miller plumbers are determined to deliver the best plumbing service possible so that none of our customers have problems with their plumbing system. In all of our services, we prioritize quality and customer happiness.

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Residential Plumbing Services in New Westminster

You might be hard-pressed to find a qualified plumber in New Westminster. Numerous homeowners have depended on the expertise and experience of Miller Plumbing’s team over the years.

As fellow homeowners, we understand how frustrating it can be when a plumbing line or fixture malfunctions. When a problem occurs, what matters most is resolving the situation as rapidly as possible while maintaining the greatest quality and lowest cost. We have mastered this combination over the course of over a decade in the industry. Simply put, we are a plumbing company that respects its customers and provides exceptional service.

Discover Our Plumbing Expertise and Services

Our seasoned New Westminster, BC plumbers at Miller Plumbing and Drainage are always ready to deliver speedy and effective plumbing services.

Shower Repair Services in New Westminster | Miller Plumbing & Drainage Ltd.

Shower Installation and Maintenance

We can install any type of shower, from a standard to a walk-in shower. If you want to replace your old shower, we can do that too! We can also maintain your existing shower for you to keep it in good working condition. Shower faucet leaks are typically caused by worn-out washers or corroded parts that must be replaced. Additionally, you may need to repair your shower head if it is clogged with mineral deposits or if the water pressure is inadequate.

Leaky Pipes Repair and Replacement

Leaky pipes are indeed one of the most common plumbing problems people have. If you don’t fix leaking pipes, they can cause a lot of damage. This is why we offer leaky pipe repair services to ensure that your pipes are working properly and there are no leaks present in them. We will also make sure that you get a full report on how much water has been wasted due to these leaks so that you can take action accordingly.

Kitchen & Bathroom Sink Repair in New Westminster | Miller Plumbing & Drainage Ltd.
Sewer Line Repair Or Replacement New Westminster | Miller Plumbing & Drainage Ltd.

Sewer Line Cleaning and Repair

Sewer line leaks cause a terrible stench and a difficult mess to clean up. This issue can be quite frustrating because it is difficult to determine the source of the mess or odor. Tree roots, clogged pipes, harsh weather, and rusted pipes are all potential causes of sewer line damage. To avoid this type of problem, our New Westminster, BC plumbers offer inside sewer replacement and repairs. We do sewer line inspections to determine the root cause of all of your sewer line issues and provide repair or replacement as needed.

Water Heater Repair and Replacement

When your water heater stops working, you can count on us to arrive quickly and get it back up and running. We only use the best parts for electric water heater repairs, so you can relax knowing your hot water will be restored in no time. If you require a new unit, we can also install one for you at a reasonable price!

Electric Water Heater Installation & Repair Services in New Westminster | Miller Plumbing & Drainage Ltd.

Top-Rated Plumbing Services in New Westminster

Most homeowners have little time to worry about plumbing since they cannot see what is going on beneath the surface. What if your water pressure has fluctuated or your drains and toilets aren’t flushing as rapidly as they used to? In that case, you’ll almost certainly need the assistance of a plumber in New Westminster, BC.

At Miller Plumbing & Drainage, we work hard every day to achieve our goal of becoming the most dependable and trustworthy plumbing company in New Westminster.

Drain Cleaning New Westminster | Drainage Contractors at Miller Plumbing & Drainage Ltd.

Drain Cleaning

Clogged drains, showers, bathtubs, and toilets are cleared and prevented from recurring with our dependable New Westminster drain cleaning services. Furthermore, repeated clogging could indicate damage to the main sewer system. For drain cleaning, you can rely on our experienced plumbers at Miller Plumbing & Drainage. You don’t have to go through the agony of manually cleaning your kitchen’s clogged drain. Call us, and one of our knowledgeable New Westminster plumbers will gladly assist you!

Toilet Repair and Installation

Toilets can be tricky at times because they are prone to a variety of issues that necessitate professional intervention. We provide quick service for toilet repairs ranging from simple clogs to complete replacements if necessary! We also offer services for the installation of new toilets in the event that your current one has to be replaced. Our licensed plumbers are skilled specialists who have received extensive training and are able to solve any kind of toilet issue with ease.

Take Caution When Flushing | Miller Plumbing & Drainage Ltd.
Garbage Disposal Repair Services in New Westminster | Miller Plumbing & Drainage Ltd.

Garburators/Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation

Garburators are useful for getting rid of food waste, but they can also be a source of frustration if they break down. If you need a new garburator installed or repair to an existing unit we’re here to help. Please contact us with questions or concerns. Our highly skilled technicians can swiftly diagnose problems and conduct repairs so you can enjoy your kitchen again.

Kitchen Sink Repair and Installation

Having a kitchen sink or toilet failure in your home is never fun and can cause incredible frustration for you, your family, and your guests. Miller Plumbing is the company to contact for all kitchen and bathroom sink repairs in New Westminster. We are prepared to provide you with prompt service of the highest caliber!

Modern Technology Used for Kitchen Sink Installation in New Westminster | Miller Plumbing & Drainage Ltd.

Why Should You Hire Us?

Years of Proven Experience

Miller Plumbing has built a reputation in the business by offering only the best plumbing services for over ten years. Having dealt with a wide range of plumbing issues, we recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Our plumbers have dealt with a wide range of issues, including dripping faucets, broken pipes, and clogged drainage. The knowledge and expertise we obtain through training and experience drive us to be competent. Our master plumbers are constantly willing to learn and grow as technology advances. You can trust that our New Westminster, BC plumbers can handle even the most difficult problems.

Proper Tools and Equipment

You may rest assured that we will resolve your plumbing issues swiftly and efficiently. Our plumber can offer you a proper analysis of your plumbing situation and recommend the best service that you require using the latest plumbing gadgets. With the most up-to-date tools and equipment, we can complete jobs quickly and effectively. We are not only equipped with cutting-edge technology, but we also take pleasure in our extensive knowledge of plumbing mechanics.

Safety is Our Priority

A plumbing emergency can endanger your health and that of your family. Don’t worry! We will respond swiftly to your call and restore the safety of your house. When you place your faith in Miller Plumbing, you can rest assured that you are in capable hands. When completing plumbing services in Westminster, BC, our plumber employs only the most secure methods.

Contact Our Plumbers in New Westminster, BC!

We truly understand how frustrating plumbing problems can be, especially when they occur at the worst possible time. As a result, we constantly strive to contact our plumber in New Westminster, BC, professionals as quickly as possible after receiving your service request. We take pleasure in providing timely service and will always keep you updated on the status of the repair or installation.

We are honored to be your go-to plumber for your plumbing repairs and installations. We provide a variety of services, such as sewer repair and replacement, toilet installation, drain cleaning, and much more! Our plumbers have a wealth of expertise dealing with residential clients. If you have any questions regarding our services or would want to meet with one of our expert plumbers for an assessment, please get in touch with us right away!

Plumber New Westminster, BC – FAQs

Water bill increases can be caused by a variety of factors, including:

  • A leaking toilet
  • Older and inefficient fixtures and toilets
  • Underground pipe leaks
  • Water leaks that go undetected or a slab leak
  • Faucets or plumbing fixtures that are leaking

We can send a New Westminster plumber to inspect your plumbing system and figure out what’s causing your high water bills. We will explain the issue and suggest the most efficient and cost-effective repair solution.

Plumbers must go before an executing board and demonstrate certain skills before receiving a license. When you hire a licensed plumber, you know you’re getting someone with a solid foundation of knowledge and experience who will follow all of the proper guidelines and procedures. Although anyone with a specific skill set can perform plumbing work, entrusting plumbing tasks to anyone who is unwilling or incapable of following code puts you and the public in danger.

Prepare your home and plumbing system for below-freezing temperatures before the cold arrives. This entails insulating, sealing, and repairing. However, some pipes may be more exposed than others due to their location in your homes, such as the basement, crawl space, or attic.

Pipe insulation and heating cables can be installed for more vulnerable pipes. However, if this is not an option and your pipes are in danger, open a faucet and run some water. Running water eliminates the possibility of freezing in vulnerable pipes.

New Westminster is a city in southwestern British Columbia, Canada, on the Fraser River estuary and in the Vancouver metropolitan area’s southeastern quadrant. It is one of Western Canada’s busiest ports, a major rail hub, and one of the province’s most important industrial and marketing centers. New Westminster is well-known for its Queens Park, as well as its historic buildings and waterfront area for several festivals. Queen Victoria named the city after a Royal Engineers investigation. So the city is known as “The Royal City.” The oldest city in Western Canada. You will never be bored or starved for options here.